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People need different dressing in daily activities to draw the attention. Product also needs unique packaging to attract customer's attention. The current economic makes a lot of people to establish their own business, the highly competitive retail market in Hong Kong, the widely variety choices of similar product. Therefore, marketers must take efforts on their product packaging to stimulate customers to buy. In order to meet your requirement on product packaging, our company provides the following services in against your need.

We are dedicated to packaging design and production. Our company provides one-stop service, by providing the local design till the delivery of your produce in China. We have our own production center. We ensure that our group can provide overall assistance to develop the packaging product based on your rough design.

In fact, we have established and offered various paper packaging products. Our existing products are: Gift Box, Product Manual, Paper Carton, Hangtag, Packing Box, Label, Lamination Die-Cut Box, Blister Card, Top & Bottom Box & Mail Box, Printing Stationery etc…You can find what you needed here. We welcome all domestic and overseas markets.

We offer quality product and service to satisfy your need and want. We can serve your printing related problems anytime by service of our experienced professional sales team.

Our living standard is increasing, and so as customers requirements to product. Most customers request to have the perfect product & perfect product packaging. Therefore customers are looking for quality product and as well as attractive packaging. Customers ensure that the received whole product is worth buying. Our company is very concerned the quality requirement of all products. To strive for the best, we have established an international recognize measuring system to ensure the quality product inspection. Should you have any packaging design problem, our experienced professional sales team will solve your printing problem, any time at your service.


在日常生活堙A人靠衣著,一個產品要吸引人,就要靠包裝。由於現在香港受經濟環境影響,而且同類型的產品有很多,競爭力相當大,所以一定要在包裝上面花一點工夫去刺激顧客的購買欲。 本公司為配合這環境因素,亦作出以下配合 :

本公司能提供一條龍服務,由開始設計直至在香港/國內交貨為止,我們的包裝印刷品包括:禮盒、紙袋、彩盒、咭牌、書刊、說明書、單張簡介及文儀印刷品……等等,不論在品質、服務及專業知識上一定能夠滿足你們需求。 我們有一班專業的營業員,可隨時為你們解決任何有關印刷的問題。

由於每個人生活質素不斷提高,對產品的要求亦相對地提升,大部份人都成為“完美主義者”。 因此除了在包裝上吸引顧客外,對品質方面上也要令顧客滿意。因為每個人都希望用自己的血汗錢買回來的東西都是最好的。 本公司為因應這個要求,在“品質”方面亦相當著重。我們是按照國際標準來作驗貨,為求做到最好。

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